Water Heating Boiler "Candle"


Water heating boiler “Candle” is designed for heating both of individual housing and industrial premises. Wood, briquettes of sawdust
and peat burn in the furnace of the cylinder form. The boiler has unique way of burning of solid fuel, that is only 10-20 cm of upper fuel
layer burn, but not all load present in the furnace. Outgoing fume heat the air which is provided into the furnace, and it is directed into
burning fireplace by the air distributor.

This boiler has a high coefficient of its functional operation while working in various regimes. Unique construction of the boiler and its operation principle gives an opportunity of saving fuel not only during winter time, but also in spring and autumn.


Water Heating Boiler "Candle"

Advantages of the boiler:


  • regime of the boiler operation is stable and optimal: minimum – 7 hours, maximum – 34 hours;
  • water temperature is controlled by regulator of air pull;
  • only part of 10-20 cm of load burns in the boiler. Due to this reason if circulation is lost, hot water temperature raises by 12-16 oC higher than fixed temperature of the regulator;
  • composed ashes do not disturb the process of the burning, thus ashes can be removed only 2-3 times a month;
  • the boiler has a form of cylinder, due to this reason, impact of pressure difference on boiler walls is easily preserved, and thus durability of the boiler is extended;
  • the boiler takes little space in the boiler-room, despite the fact its height is impressive.



Technical data

Heating demand, KW

Coefficient of functional operation %

4,33 93,6
9,7 91,1
21,2 87
26,5 86,8


Name of the indicator
   Value of the indicator
 M-20 kW  20 kW 35 kW
 1. Water volume of the boiler, l  30  45  53
 2. Height of the load, mm  800  1400  1400
 3. Diameter of the load, mm  470  470  600
 4. Volume of the load, l  195  260  400
 5. Height of the boiler (with decoration), mm  1550  2070  2070
 6. Diameter of the boiler (with decoration), mm  570  570  700
 7. Mass of the boiler, kg (not more)  210  250  300
 8. Measurements of the uptake, mm  ø160  ø160  ø160
 9. From the base to the bringing of uptake to the chimney, mm  1290  1700  1700
 10. Diameter of attachment branches G/mm  1,25"  1,25 "  2 "
 11. Working pressure of the water in the system, kPa (kg/cm2/not more)  180 (1,8)  180 (1,8)  180 (1,8)
 12. Maximum temperature of boiler water, oC, not more  90  90  90
 13. Pull behind the boiler, Pa  15  15  21
 14. Input of fuel wood of 1kW heating productivity, kg/h  0,29 *  0,29 *  0,29 *
 15. Recommended length of the wood, mm  350-420  350-420  180-550
£ 1500
£ £

 * input of the fuel is specified when moisture of the wood is not more than 20% and the boiler is used according to the requirements and terms of this passport.

** Prices do not include VAT.


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