We are constantly working to develop our horse stalls and accessories with a focus on safety, durability and flexibility.

We are oriented on manufacturing large quantities for big equine farms.

Standard Horse Stall

Our standard horse stall can be made in these dimensions:

  • Front panel length 300, 350, 400 cm
  • Partition panel length 300, 350, 400 cm
  • Overall panel height 220 cm  

The standard stall equipment includes floor and wall mounts. There are no loose parts that could injure the horse or which can break. The profile is mounted on floor bracket that allows the stall to be lifted up to 8 mm from the ground - an advantage when you wash the floor out.

Professional Horse Stall


Closed Horse Stalls

Fully planked panels are available in the same dimensions. The grille can be replaced with planks filling the upper part of the panel. At the height of 130 cm is a U profile dividing the panel, as a standard one. These panels are used in busy and active stables to provide horses with quiet and peaceful environment. Although we recommend installing several grilles in the upper part and ventilation grilles in the lower part for a good air flow. Closed stalls require good ventilation.

Grooming Horse Stalls

Grooming stalls are available in the same dimensions as the standard stall panels.

Standard Stall Doors

Sliding doors are available in standard width dimensions of 110 cm, 130 cm and 150 cm. Most popular are 130 cm wide (120 cm gap). Our doors are both safe and quiet.

Panel planks

The stalls are made from vertical, interlocking pine planks of the highest quality. Thick (4.5 cm) planks make stall panels very stable. Door panels are made from thinner (3.4 cm) planks to make them lighter and easier to open and close.

Bespoke Horse Stalls

We can produce stalls to customers' requirements. It can range from simple adjustments to the standard stall to a totally new design. Common requests are custom-made stalls to be built in to older buildings.

If you need a stall of non-standard size, different ideas or have some questions – feel free to contact us!


Internal Horse Stall


Internal Horse Stall


Internal Horse Stall


Internal Horse Stall