A innovative family firm

We are an innovative company operating throughout the UK and Europe. We are a family-based team of skilled craftsmen, with long experience in working with metal and stone. We have been producing original and creative products for over 50 years.

Great value farm products - the best prices

We strongly believe we can offer the best value farm products around - come and check out our prices - and are dedicated to offering the best customer service by combining personal service, traditional craftsmanship with modern technologies. Our team of craftsmen in the UK run their own mobile office setups to provide flexibility and keep our prices as low as possible.

Wide range of flexible agricultural products

We offer a range of standard farm and agricultural products as well as a bespoke design and build service for custom agricultural equipment.

Great service

We are proud of our work and we are sure all our customers are proud of the end results of our work. Please feel free to contact us - we will gladly provide details of our clients in your area who you can talk to or perhaps visit to see our work first hand.

UK and European

You may be interested to know that we are originated in the Baltic States, initially based in Klaipeda, the major seaport in Lithuania. Responding to the expansion of the European market and international business possibilities during the last decade, we have been working in various stone and granite projects in numerous countries including Russia, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland. Our company started to operate under the name of Craftsman Ltd in 2004.