Livestock Trailers, Horse Trailers, Agricultural Machinery and Farm Equipment

Craftsman Agricultural is a family based company here in the UK and Lithuania. We provide a range of livestock and animal trailers, agricultural machinery and farm equipment designed for reliability, durability and economy. We understand that farm and livestock based equipment needs to be built to last and put up with the hard knocks of the tough farm environment. Our trailers are built to be robust and give many years of trouble-free service. 

Unique Hydraulic Livestock Trailer

We have a range of hydraulic livestock trailers that lower to ground level for easy loading of animals.

These high specification solid construction Livestock Trailers  are designed for farmers who require the maximum volume and gross weight available. They also have the benefit of lifting and lowering on hydraulics to allow animals a much less stressful time of getting in and out of the trailer. The traditional ramp is not required for these Livestock Trailers. Animals are easier and quicker to load on and off the Trailer. Hydraulic Lowering and Lifting Livestock Trailers...

Agricultural Flat Bed Platform Trailers

Agricultural Platform Flat Bed Semi- Trailer

Farm platform semi-trailers designed for roll and pallet transportation.

These high specification solid construction Agricultural Flat Bed, Platform Semi-Trailers are designed for farmers who require a tough versatile trailer for moving large loads with ease. Agricultural Platform Trailers...

Trailer Test Drive

We are now able to offer a trailer test drive service with previous customers who own one of our trailers.

Bespoke Agricultural Equipment and Trailers

We specialise in designing and manufacturing equipment to your requirements. We will work with you to design something that suits your needs.

Agricultural Equipment Restoration Service

As part of our bespoke services we also take on the renovation of old or damaged farm machinery and trailers. Or perhaps you have a chassis that needs a new bespoke body or trailer top to suit a particular requirement.